Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Confidential

Tomorrow the bf goes on a six-week trip around the country to take pictures and stuff. This is the third year he's done it, and I never like him being away for so long, but it's always a good experience for both of us. It gives me a chance to focus on my writing (which is especially key this year, what with the thesis coming up) and to take a break from the weekend commute--must. fall in love. with westchester! Speaking of Westchester, I started wondering recently what the suffix "-chester" actually means. So I looked it up. Because the Internet is magic. And it's an Old English derivative of the Latin "castrum," for "fort." I live in a fort! Anyway, pals, I will be holing up in the fort of white privilege known as Westchester for the next six weeks, and by the time my silly dancing boyfriend returns from his trip, I will have my master's degree. Which means either he'll be gone for a really long time, or I will be graduating really soon.


Blogger Preston said...

Specifically, you live in a fort named for an ancient Roman fort. Westchester was named for Chester, England, which is the "county town" (or county seat, as we would say) for Cheshire. It originally contained a fortress for the 20th Roman Legion. That legion was so placed to defend the Roman frontier against the Welsh Celts; your own Westchesterian legion is more likely in place to defend against invaders from Bronx County, who find themselves facing an intimidating armada of Hummers and country clubs.

Man, I miss Westchester.

5:17 AM  

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