Wednesday, March 22, 2006

'Sada' sounds suspiciously like 'Saddam'

There's a guy who's been making the rounds of the radio and TV interviews: Georges Sada, who is the former number two in Saddam Hussein's air force and now author of the book Saddam's Secrets, which asserts that Saddam did have WMDs, but he transported them to Syria immediately before the war. Everyone who I've heard interview him, including Jon Stewart, has just totally softballed it, looking at this guy all googly-eyed like he just brought them a puppy.

Now, I'm sure that General Sada is a very smart, wonderful, charming man, but his schtick is just a little too much for me. He was fearless. He was the one person who could tell it like it was to Saddam. He never supported Hussein but thrived during the dictatorship. He's the only person who knows where the WMDs really are. He saw them moved, but of course didn't move them or authorize their movement himself. He saw Saddam engage in acts of torture and mass extermination, but never participated in such heinous acts himself.

How wonderfully convenient. The best thing is, he's Christian, and therefore he and the president can look into each other's souls. The guy must be a fucking saint! He's like the physical manifestation of George W. Bush's wet dreams! I'm waiting for someone, anyone to ask him the only question that matters: no, not 'did you just totally make this shit up?', but 'how long till coalition forces raid your offices and nail you for corruption?'


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