Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Apple a Day

Oh, I'm so confused: Apple v. Apple- I think my brain is going to explode! In the geekiest news since, like, yesterday's news, Apple Corps, the Beatles' record company, is suing Apple Computer over their logo. The two companies had a trademark agreement in which Apple Corps wouldn't object to the computer company's use of an apple logo as long as they didn't use it to sell music. The agreement was made in 1991, when iTunes was but a speck in the mind of Steve Jobs, and now, obviously, the apple logo is selling hella music. While of course I love all things Beatle and some things Apple, and I suppose that it would be hard to argue that iTunes doesn't violate the letter of the law, this seems kind of like one of those things where the Apple Records folks' lawyers were going through some old files and they came across this agreement and were like, "Oh, snap! We just won the lottery!" Anyway, I am sure everything will turn out okay. When one super-rich company goes up against another, there are no losers. Except the TRUE FANS of the Beatles and Apple Computer. Sob.


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