Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Good night, sweet maker of stuffing

Hello, friends. Sorry not to post yesterday, and sorry for the lame-o post I'm going to give you today. But you know, I have a life, people! Actually not really - I've just been journeying through the Northeast by every conceivable mode of transportation: bus, car, train, taxi, commuter rail. I missed boat and bicycle, but you don't want to see me on a bike.

Anyway, in a strange and terrifying coincidence, which I will NOT describe as ironic, one of the inventors of Stove Top Stuffing has died. Ruth Siems passed away just days before enjoying her delectable dish one last time. Oh, cruel fate! On Thursday Ms. Siems will be at that glorious Thanksgiving dinner in the sky, sitting right next to the Big Guy, passing the Stove Top Stuffing.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I'll return to the grind after I digest, with a little gravy-soaked Sunday Confidential.


Blogger Laura D. said...

I know my Nana will be rolling in her grave when I say this, but Stove Top Stuffing is the absolute best shit ever.

11:47 AM  

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