Monday, November 07, 2005

Super Duper Tuesday

I know this is practically all you've been thinking about for the last week, but just in case you've forgotten, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, is election day, so don't forget to go to the polls. I consider it my civic duty as a blogger to give you an informed evaluation of some of the major candidates in the tri-state (that's NY-NJ-PA, this time) area for your consideration, but I don't have time for that kind of crap. So instead I'm going to give you a quick and dirty assessment of a few big races.

1) New York City mayoral election, incumbent Mike Bloomberg (R) vs. Fernando Ferrer (D)
-Just because there's no point in voting in this election is no excuse for not going to the polls. For one thing, it's not too late to write in Richie Rich, the richest boy in the world. For another thing, you have to vote on Prop 1, which will make you complicit in the bullshit going on in Albany day in and day out, and the New York State Transportation Bond Act, which you should vote for but with restrictions, and tell them you don't want that stupid rail link from JFK to lower Manhattan. You can't actually do that, by the way.

2) New Jersey gubernatorial election, Doug Forrester (R) vs. Jon Corzine (D)
-I have no idea what's going on in this election, except that it's been mean and nasty and it's running pretty close. Both candidates are vowing to end the rampant corruption in New Jersey and everyone wishes they could vote for Acting Governor Richard Codey, who took over for Gay American Jim McGreevey. Also, Jon Corzine's ex-wife really, really hates him. During my brief tenure as a resident of New Jersey, Jon Corzine was elected to the US Senate. People complained that he'd bought his election. That's all I know. Do what you will.

3) Pennsylvania retention election, Carol K. McGinley (D)
-What can I say, I like this lady. She was the first female judge in Lehigh County. Her top priority is juvenile justice. Plus she's my mom. If you live in Lehigh County, pull the lever for yes!


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