Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday Confidential

Ah, New York - the one place in America where you only need six dollars for a manicure but six hundred thousand for an apartment big enough to lie down lengthwise in the living room.

I started this beautiful Sunday morning by venturing out for a manicure. I loooooove manicures! This is only my third one ever - what can I say, I had a deprived young adulthood - and so there's still a tremendous thrill to it. My nails are all pretty and red now, although many of you won't be surprised to hear that I literally couldn't get out of the salon without screwing up the polish. I sat down at the nail dryer and whacked my still-wet nails on the machine. So smooth. But the best part? It cost six dollars! A glass of wine costs six dollars. A sandwich costs six dollars. And me having beautiful shiny nails costs six dollars. How fabulously fabulous.

After my manicure, I went apartment hunting in Brooklyn. Not for myself, since I have enough money in my savings account for like five manicures, but with a friend, to offer advice and consent. What I learned may not surprise you: there are some really great apartments out there. And you can't afford them. But I'll be honest, I was surprised that even in Brooklyn, charging $1000 / square foot is apparently no biggie. In normal parts of the country, people who spend five or six hundred thousand dollars on a residence are rich. Here, that's a starter home.

As for whether I'll be getting manicures or buying an apartment any time in the next million years, I think you can expect my nails to look very nice.


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