Tuesday, November 15, 2005

His Finer Qualities

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy...

Up till now, I've pretty much kept my mouth shut on the nomination of Samuel Alito, except to point out that he is Chief Justice Roberts's shadowy Doppelganger, because, well, that's really the only information I had to add. But now, dear friends, the time has come to break my silence.

Samuel Alito is "particularly proud" of fighting against abortion rights and affirmative action. That's great! I've been really hoping to reverse 150 years of social progress in the United States, and I think Alito might be just the guy to do it. Apparently, he's backpedaling a little on this chest puffery, saying, "I was an advocate seeking a job." So unless he padded his resume, which I'm pretty sure isn't exactly what he's trying to say, I think we can safely eliminate the word "particularly." Perhaps replace it with "beamingly," or "poignantly," or "the crowning moment of my life, with the exception of the printing of my limited edition Alito '94 baseball card."

While I'm happy for Sam for being so proud of his so-called accomplishments, I'm just going to come right out and say it: I believe strongly in the right of a woman to get an abortion, and I also believe that many of the same people who believe a woman should not have that right would also be the first to complain about all the babies being popped out by poor, unwed mothers - because the rich ones, the ones whose parents have cash and influence, will still find a way to get an abortion. I believe equally strongly that affirmative action is not only necessary to redress persistent racial inequalities, but that in creating diverse educational and work communities, it benefits the entire institution, not just minorities.

So there you have it: I'm not voting for Samuel Alito for Supreme Court justice. Yes, he's smart, and clearly he's qualified. But no one ever said, "Oh, Joe McCarthy, sure he ruined a lot of lives, but he was so qualified."


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