Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Confidential

It's fall... I woke on Saturday wanting to spend some time alone. After drinking so so much wine on Friday night and having a great evening with friends, I was feeling solitary. So I went into the city to spend a little time with someone I love and don't get to see that often, and then I decided I'd go see a movie by myself. I've never done that before. I wandered to the Sunshine; I bought a coconut ring after trying on every single one and driving the guy crazy; I got to the theater not knowing what I was going to see. The War Within was starting in two minutes, and though I'd never heard of it, it seemed as good a bet as any of the other movies I'd never heard of. And it was good. About a Pakistani man, Hassan, who moves to the U.S. to join a terrorist cell and blow up Grand Central Station. While he is here, he lives with his best friend from his youth and his family, who appreciate the benefits of life in America, and he develops feelings for Duri, his friend's sister. Cue wrenching internal struggle.

This morning I still had this desire for solitude, so I went for a long walk and got my favorite movie to watch alone: Donnie Darko. So now I'm off to indulge in my mild morbidness and my appreciation of the so-fine Jake Gyllenhaal.


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