Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday Confidential

I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but I've been watching you. I like your new nightgown. Anyway, I get great enjoyment out of tracking the stats of people who come to my site, and I can see where they came from - so if, for example, someone does a Technorati search for Papalotzin, they'll find me, and if they click on my blog from that site, I'll be able to see that that search was their source.

But I've learned that most people, in fact, are not searching for Papalotzin. Rather, they are searching for giant boobies. One of my early posts, which is definitely not porn and not even a very good example of the blog, was titled Size 44FFF, because it was a story about this woman who kept talking about her friend's enormous ta-tas, but it turned out they had never even met in person. And it is this post that comes up at the top of a Google search for 44FFF (right under "did you mean 44FF?"). It doesn't help innocent porn-seekers that "gurgly" is a word primarily used by writers on three subjects: swallowing and intestinal disorders, babies, and hot wet gushy erotica. So a good number of sorely disappointed horny men and/or women come across Gurgly every day just to read about some kooky woman who I thought was funny. Sorry, fellas!


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