Tuesday, September 20, 2005

99% Perspiration

Oh, man, I wish I were a genius. I know that one of the hallmarks of the MacArthur fellowship is that there are no strings attached, no final reports or required progress, but I think that after five years, the fellows should be able to use their collective 12.5 million dollars to make something really cool. Judging from the recipients' various talents, I propose that the MacArthur class of '11 be required to construct...(drumroll please)...


In The Bio-Room, which will be exquisitely constructed to enhance contemplation, a single-celled organism will evolve into a rare animal from Madagascar. It will then do battle with a violin-playing lobster, and the loser will be zapped with a laser. Lethem will chronicle, Sheikh will be class photographer, and Belanger will make the yearbook.


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