Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sunday Confidential

Tonight is the Emmy's, so it seems like a good time for a confession: I love Law & Order. Especially SVU (Good luck, Mariska!). But also the original. And I'll even watch CI, though Vincent D'Onofrio kills me. And if I get a jones for L&O and it's not on, I'll take CSI, CSI: Miami, or Without a Trace for the procedural fix.

But back to Law and Order. I love the show, I do; however, the writers seem to be obssessed with criminals of Eastern European extraction, particularly if there's organized crime involved. I did a quick, unofficial survey of episode guides and at a minimum, SVU has 3 episodes about Russians, 2 about Romanians, 1 with Bosnians and Serbs, and 1 that actually takes place partially in Prague.

My personal favorite is "Russian Love Poem," which involves Russian socialites accused of sodomizing a man with a banana, knowing full well that his banana allergy will kill him; a bunch of Russian alcoholics who hang out on the Brighton Beach boardwalk; obsessive love and outlandish confessions; and, of course, Russian Roulette. I kid you not.


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