Monday, September 26, 2005

Get along, little dogies

Perhaps you've heard that 80% of post-Katrina contracts were awarded without bidding or with limited competition. Vast sums have been doled out to former FEMA chief Joe Allbaugh's old friends, including Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown, and Root and the Shaw Group.

But perhaps you haven't heard about one corporation that has escaped mainstream notice: Gurgly Enterprises!

Whereas most no-bid contracts are given out for reconstruction, demolition, waste removal (does this sound like the mob to anyone else?), and other boring stuff, Gurgly Enterprises has been given carte blanche to spend as much taxpayer money as necessary to wrassle the biggest, toughest, hungriest steers (steer?) in Louisiana into submission. It's a long story. But trust me, New Orleans will live or die on the backs of me and my steer(s), and I won't rest until I've thrown each and every one of their multiply-pronged heads to the ground in three seconds or less. Yee-haw, bulldoggies!

Photo by Eileen O'Shea


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