Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Smell A Rat

Speaking of rats... there are these folks hitting bars in Brooklyn with a cause even hipsters can get excited about - changing the name of rats to Great Pointed Archers. Now, it's my policy not to comment on political causes (I kid!), but here are some reasons why I'm so happy that someone has finally taken it upon themselves to bring about some real change in New York City on this crucial issue:
1. I'm rather fond of rats. They're less scary than cockroaches because you know that one will almost definitely never accidentally get caught in your hair. Yes, I know I'm paranoid.
2. They're also perfectly intriguing: fuzzy, smart, and gross - the best qualities of a kitten, an alien, and a zombie, all in one!
3. The Great Pointed Archer website is sick. In a good way.

So go on, you, get out there and speak up for your fellow New Yorkers!

Photo by eno on.


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