Tuesday, September 13, 2005


It's not often that I post something without reserving at least 2/3 of my space for mockery, but this is pretty amazing. Papalotzin is a project to migrate with the monarch butterflies, following them from southern Canada to Michoacan in Mexico in an ultralight plane (decorated like a butterfly, natch) in order to track their migration and highlight the importance of preserving the many ecosystems the monarchs depend on in their travels. The team is blogging daily and showing some stunning aerial views of our very own area - they passed through New York and went to Ground Zero on 9/11. On the left is a picture of the plane on the ground, and here it is in flight:

Fly away, beautiful butterfly! Fly like a bird!

Photo 1: papalotzin.com via U.S. Newswire
Photo 2: papalotzin.com


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