Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Brawl in the Bowery: Hitchens v. Galloway, the backstory

Here's an idea: a non-liveblog liveblog! That way, I can imply up-to-the-minute news and not have to edit or reflect, all at the same time! Plus I get to drink, because what's a liveblog without increasing quantities of alcohol?

It's Hitchens v. Galloway, the Brawl in the Bowery, or thereabouts. Starting at 7 p.m. Which is now.

Hitchens: "liberal hawk" who left the lefty mag the Nation in a dispute over his pro-war views. It's been a crushing blow to his reputation, and he is now forced to write for such crappy rags as Vanity Fair and Slate.

Galloway: the British MP who shocked the 8 watchers of C-SPAN who saw him give the US Senate the business on their handling of Iraq. He became an immediate darling of the anti-war movement and is now crossing the States in an Anti-War Tour.

Amy Goodman: moderator, host of WBAI's Democracy Now!

The topic: The Iraq War


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