Friday, April 21, 2006

So Long, Farewell, Harriet

According to the Times, Harriet Miers may be the next victim of Joshua Bolten's Administration shake-up:
Joshua B. Bolten, the new White House chief of staff, has raised the possibility of moving Harriet E. Miers from her job as President Bush's counsel as part of a continuing shake-up of the West Wing, an influential Republican with close ties to Mr. Bolten said Thursday.
Tee hee. Didn't Bush already try "moving" Miers to the Supreme Court? And frankly, I can't see exactly what changing Bush's legal advisor is going to do for improving things in the White House. But hey, I wouldn't want to contradict the new Lord of Darkness, Joshua Bolten, or he might try to fire me. And I don't even have a job.


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