Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bush TV

Remember when the right wing got all up in arms when the soldier questioned Rumsfeld about insufficient armor for their tanks, and it turned out he'd been prompted by a reporter, and his question was therefore considered both invalid and sinister, even though it was true?


So today President Bush held a totally staged, yet TOTALLY valid, press briefing in which he and the troops in Iraq "rapped" about the security situation in Iraq, the upcoming elections (BTW, the troops are apparently not allowed to say the word "election" to the Iraqis, so as not to appear to be influencing them unduly) and you know, other down-home stuff to gloss over the fact that there's only one fully capable Iraqi batallion.

Let me offer you some of the choicer tidbits:

BUSH: One of the things, Captain, that people in America want to know is, one, do the Iraqis want to fight, and are they capable of fighting?
CAPT PRATT: The Iraqi Army and police services, along with coalition support, have conducted many and multiple exercises and rehearsals.

They should be fully prepared for Thursday's 8:00 curtain of "Naked Boys Singing."

BUSH: We got a strategy and it's a clear strategy. On the one hand, we will hunt down these killers and terrorists and bring them to justice and train the Iraqi forces to join us in that effort.

Wow, Mr. President, that DOES sound clear! Hunt down killers? Train Iraqi forces? Who comes up with this shit? They should get a fucking Nobel Prize in physics or something, because this plan is freakin genius.

BUSH: That's a pretty interesting concept for the people of Tikrit when you really think about the fact that Saddam Hussein's hometown -- they didn't get to vote too often when he was the leader there.

Heh-heh. Good one, Mr. President.

BUSH: You got something to say, Akel?

Wow, he's kinda tough. It's almost like he actually served in the military.

BUSH: And when you get back to the States, if I'm hanging around, come by and say hello.

Goll-lee! I shure would like to stop by yer place, Georgey! Mebbe we could have a cold beer or sumpin.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally embarassing for the president, the party, and our country. I understood why some classes of people and certain occupations voted for Mr. Bush last November, but no intelligent, objective person could possibly defend his incompetance on the job up to this point. This "cowboy up" attitude towards everything has made our country and people a target for almost every other aggressive religion/peoples in the world. He ran on the platform that he could provide a safer America. I fail to see how antagonizing the world to assault us makes our country safer... and the worst part about the whole thing is that he then uses these types of staged forums to propagandize his personal war. A war fought to prove something to Daddy. And now... due to his people's inability to properly prepare and plan for the war, and prepare an appropriate exit strategy... how many "Daddies" have lost their sons?

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