Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thicker than POM Juice

I have big, big news, reading friends: my brother, the estimable Paul A. McGinley III, has re-entered the blogosphere with The Gentlemen Revolutionaries. I'm very excited about this because a) we are turning into a blogging family, which is gross; b) we have apparently ended up with very similar senses of humor, which in a way feels strange and somehow genetic, because as kids I don't remember us really developing our humor together; and c) he has a good political mind, but sometimes he is rather misguided... he got the first part of the word right, l-i-b-e-r-, but it's the ending that seems to have him confused. So I can't wait for some good blog-on-blog action, a little sibling rivalry, a dialogue, if you will, in which I toss the nutty half of his libertarian ideas all the way back to the sixth borough! Oh wait, he's already there. Welcome, little bro!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, I guess I should start a blog now too?

11:30 AM  

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