Thursday, January 18, 2007

In the Mood For Love

Oh, criminy. New York City is creating its own brand of condoms. That Mike Bloomberg, he's never one to miss a marketing opportunity, like the ill-fated parternship with Snapple that resulted in the world's largest popsicle turning into the world's largest soupy mess melting all over the streets of Manhattan. But condoms, now, that's out-of-the-box thinking. I wish I could have seen the shit-eating grin on Bloomie's face when he announced that one. For some reason these condoms are color-coded to match the various subway lines (4/5/6 green, A/C/E blue, etc). I know people pin a lot of identity on their subway lines and all, but I feel like there are times when people should be thinking about other things besides civic pride. If they wanted to stick with the New York theme, why not print pictures of skyscrapers on the condoms? The Empire State, the Chrysler Building, that other building with the nice roof that I never know what it is... They're the perfect shape, the metaphor is hardly a stretch, and as a bonus, it's super classy - evoking a golden age in New York's storied history.


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