Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Tales of the Y

I am like the coy mistress of blogging. Perhaps I'll drop by, say something, chew a few things over, perhaps I won't. But here I am again, with more stories of the Y. I haven't been to the Y for ages, because first I got a cold, then I got a job, and for a while I had a cold AND a job, but now, fortunately, I have shed the cold and only have the job. But anyway, it seems inadvisable to swim in a public pool with a compromised immune system, and then I was settling in at work, so it was just this weekend that I got back to the ol' YMCA. But, not surprisingly, things haven't changed much -- there are still a lot of weird people at the Y. Today's culprit was the Naked Lady in the Locker Room. I am not the first to blog about this ubiquitous trend, but this was by far the most disturbing of the Naked People I have yet seen. She was tall and extremely thin, almost a little malnourished looking, and she first came into my line of sight as I was getting ready to go down to the pool. To and fro she paced, never, apparently, in a search for a towel. Finally she picked one up, but when I looked up as she was walking past, I saw that she was holding said towel loosely in her hand instead of wrapping it around her body. Now, none of this is particularly egregious locker room behavior. But when I caught this glimpse of her, I saw that her totally uncovered crotch was, well, totally uncovered. In every way. In the manner of a newborn babe.

Far be it from me to criticize someone's grooming preferences, but there was just something kind of unpleasant about having a fully unobstructed view of this woman's privatalia, especially since she seemed to be making a double effort at giving me a fully unobstructed view. Because this was not the end of my encounter with Naked Lady in the Locker Room. We met again in the showers, where I was rinsing off before swimming (and therefore not even naked) and she was, in theory, showering, but was instead in fact standing in the middle of the shower area, still naked as a jaybird, or whatever that saying is, doing stretches. Finally, thank God, her water warmed up and she stepped into the shower.

But she left the curtain open.


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