Monday, October 16, 2006

Feed me!

I am just about ready to prostrate myself before the gods of cooking and implore them, "Why, merciless gods, why do you torture me so? Why do I suck at cooking so, so badly?" And they will laugh and hurtle a takeout pizza at me. You know, I live in New York. It's not like I have to cook. I could get a perfectly delicious meal for five dollars. But it's something I so dearly want to be good at. Or at least competent. I would settle for competent. But here I am, following the recipe EXACTLY, and all of a sudden I've got enough eggplant to feed a family of twelve who really, really love eggplant, and the potatoes are still totally raw, and I don't know how to peel tomatoes, and I burned the spices, and I think I'm going to go order a burrito. I can't take this kind of stress. Lord preserve me.


Blogger Preston said...

Bird and I once got into a debate about the best way to peel tomatoes, which resulted in a tomato-peeling contest. Bird peels them by sticking a fork in them and holding them over the burner until the skin is blistered, the way you'd roast a red pepper. The skin can then be washed or peeled off. I blanch them in boiling water for about thirty seconds, then quickly drop them in cold water - the skin slides off like a glove. My method was faster, but Bird's method produced a richer tasting tomato - I think the heat causes the outer flesh to artificially ripen.

All of which is to say, sorry we didn't show you how. It was a small kitchen.

1:21 AM  
Blogger gurgly said...

I sort of remember that debate, actually, though I obviously didn't get too invoved. As it turns out, though, immediately after I finished this post the whole meal came together and turned out to be delicious. Go figure!

7:05 PM  
Blogger harmonious1 said...

Hay gurgly, what you might do, IF you read much, anyway, is read cookbooks. Just read em. Don't try any recipes, just read cookbooks. After a while you will know how to cook!

9:29 PM  

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