Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do I Hear $20,000?

Last night the bf and I went to a swankly lil' event at Sothebys. It was a benefit for Riverkeeper, and we were invited because the bf had a picture in their silent auction. It was all very chi-chi (is that how you spell that word? what about shi-shi? whatever); Martha Stewart was there, and a society photographer, who, amazingly enough, did not take my picture. There were also a lot of rich people who bid on the silent auction pictures and then bid at the live auction, which was headlined by Martin Short. It was sponsored by Grey Goose, which had an ice sculpture on one of the bars (unfortunately, the sculpture was not in the shape of a goose), and all kinds of art mafia people were there, but I didn't know who any of them were. I just admired all the fashiony clothes. We didn't stay for the whole live auction, but of the part we saw, the most thrilling bidding session was for Mark Messier's luxury box for a single Rangers game. The price? A mere $19,000. Anyone want to go to a hockey game with me? Ha ha ha.


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