Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who A.E.?

I've kept quiet up till now about a company owned by the Dubai government purchasing a British shipping company that operates the Port of New York, as well as five other American ports, mainly because the whole thing is very confusing to me. Or, rather, the issue itself is not confusing to me; I'm confused by the fact that I agree with the administration. (I'd say the President except that he found out from the news that the deal had been approved, so I'm not sure he was all that involved with the decision.)

While I'm not at all impressed with the way the guvment went about this whole thing, seeing as they failed to consult the NYPD and I (as well as many people who actually know what they're talking about) trust the NYPD as much as or more than the FBI and CIA in some counterterrorism efforts, I don't think a British or German or American company is necessarily so much more secure than one from the UAE. Glass houses and all that. I think the nationality of the countries operating in our ports is the least of our problems, frankly. I could go on, but thinking about terrorism and stuff is so booooring.


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