Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Confidential

Hey ladies and fellas, I have some exciting news: tomorrow, February 20, marks the launch of, a brand new web magazine for which I am a staff writer. The site will be updated every day with a column by a "found voice" (such as myself) and a plethora of articles on politics, sports, sex & relationships, and reviews of art, books, film, music, and food. So the whole shebang, is what I'm saying. I'll be writing every Tuesday -- my column will be about consumerism, so check in over there, too!

I wanted to write about consumerism because so often our identity as consumers supersedes everything. I think our relationship to that identity is very complicated -- on the one hand, the desire to consume is practically hardwired in our psyches, and corporations do everything they can to cultivate it and manipulate it. On the other hand, the more time we spend thinking about things and thinking about buying things, the dumber it makes us. And of course, the insane level of production happening around the world is destructive to the environment, labor standards, and human rights. But that doesn't mean that sometimes we don't really want those hot new shoes. That dilemma plays out in so many different ways throughout our lives, and that's what I am going to write about. The end.


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