Monday, January 23, 2006

Sorry, Can You Speak Up? The Wiretappers Can't Hear You

The Bush Administration has launched a vigorous campaign to convince the American people that listening in on their phones without a warrant is, in fact, a good thing, instead of a creepy 1984/McCarthy era tactic, as previously believed.

I would like to applaud the President and friends for openly acknowledging their efforts to sway public opinion. Normally, in lieu of press conferences there would simply be tapes from enthusiastic "reporters" mailed to local news stations and supportive columns from journalists receiving undisclosed payouts from the government. So well done, comrades, well done! We've entered a new era of transparency, except for the fact that you are secretly spying on so many people with absolutely no connection to terrorism that even the FBI doesn't want your stupid "tips" anymore. Baby steps, baby steps.


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