Wednesday, January 18, 2006

No Head Ted

As the Newark Star-Ledger put it, today THE CORZINE ERA BEGINS!!!!!! (exclamation points mine). Jon Corzine was inaugurated as the 54th governor of New Jersey yesterday, making pledges to restore the public's trust in government. We all know where those promises lead... if he follows the example of promise-predecessors Nixon, Bush 43, and Gay American Jim McGreevey, we can expect to find Corzine blowing rails with his old Goldman-Sachs-turned-lobbyist pals on a copy of the state constitution in the Governor's mansion within a year or two.

Since Corzine had to give up his Senate seat in order to assume the governorship, he appointed House Rep. Robert Menendez to finish out his term. In a moving swearing-in ceremony to install Menendez in the Senate, Alaska Republican and President Pro-Tem Ted Stevens (aka "Bridge to Nowhere Ted") managed to mispronounce the name of every major player, including his former colleague Jon Corzine (Cor-ZEEN, according to BTNT) and future colleague Robert Menendez (or Mendez, if you're the senior Senator from Alaska). Now, it's not like me to get all worked up for nothing, but do you think he would have mispronounced the names if, say, Dennis Hastert were replacing Mike DeWine?


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