Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Confidential

Get thee to the Bronx Museum!

I know you've never been there, and neither has anyone else, and the reason I know this is because when I walked in the door, the woman at the desk said, "Can I help you?" like we were the first people to ever visit the museum.

But as a matter of fact, they have a truly excellent exhibit up right now, in a lovely, well-designed space. It's called Irreducible: something blah blah something, and it's a collection of short video pieces, some of which are totally awesome. First of all, I liked the way the different pieces were displayed: different formats - projectors, monitors, TVs - and different sizes gave the show variety despite the uniformity of medium. And there was some really smart, innovative work: the best was Hundredweight, a row of six monitors by Wood and Harrison, each running six different clips (for a total of 36) looking down on a man in a room, a totally white space, where he uses different objects and equipment to construct (and deconstruct) ideas of painting, space, and dimension. It's constantly funny and surprising. Other highlights were Song Dong's Walking Through the Mirror, where he films both sides of a mirror reflecting a naval crew of some kind as he smashes it with a sledgehammer and walks through it; Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla's Returning a Sound, in which a man rides a motorbike through the Puerto Rican town (and former US bombing test site) of Vieques with a trumpet attached to the exhaust, making music as he rides; and Algonquin Park, Early March, by Mark Lewis, in which a slowly receding camera reveals a beautiful and unexpected scene.

So check it out, fellas... I know, I know, you think it's like a million miles away, but if you take the express you can get there in 45 minutes, or your money back! (Offer not available in Staten Island).


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