Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Confidential

Today’s Sunday Confidential is a confession: I am the Biggest Dork Ever. Oh, no, you’re saying, that couldn’t possibly be true! Well, it is, and I’ll tell you why: not only am I obsessed with public radio and listen to it approximately 18 hours a day, but I actually love the fundraisers. It's true. I like when, three times a year, they interrupt the programming to lure you by equal measures of guilt and flattery into giving them money, because it’s like they really need you. And it’s nice to be wanted. Yes, I know, it’s sad, I’m looking to the radio for emotional fulfillment. But when else am I going to get a letter from my secret boyfriend Brian Lehrer? When else is he going to tell me how much I mean to him, remind me of how much we need each other? And when else can I be so gratefully appreciated for doing so little? It’s a beautiful relationship, I’m telling you.


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