Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oil and the argonauts

My evening's post has been delayed by yet more cleaning. You'd think I live in a mansion, all the cleaning I do. But the funny thing is, I live in a closet. A dirty, dirty closet.

You may scoff at USA Today, you may consider their colorful weather map a diversionary tactic; you may mistrust their folksy, soft news angles; you may be disappointed when the state briefing for your state, like a bad horoscope, leaves you wanting. But nevertheless, USA Today is a real and actual news outlet, that not only doesn't make you register but also reports actual news, sometimes ahead of the highfalutin' papers of record.

For example. Since it's getting late, I'm basically onto tomorrow's news cycle. And who but USA Today has yet pointed out that oil prices have hit a new high at $67 a barrel? No one, I tell you, no one. At least no one who wrote it in such big letters that I would notice it in my speed-skimming.

About those oil prices: while I think there are some benefits to higher gas prices, like perhaps a swing back to smaller cars or a stronger commitment to alternative fuels, there's something disturbing about the constant upward spiral of the price of a basic commodity like oil. Stock brokers, whether we actually care what they think or not (I vote for not), both reflect and create the sense of economic stability for the entire country. So when the prices of oil go ever higher, hitting new records almost every day, it both reflects uneasiness and creates it. And I'm against that. Because hey, you fearmongers, what's there to worry about?


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