Thursday, August 11, 2005

Flaming Pile of Poo

I know, I know! That drawing from yesterday's post makes no sense!

Anyway, a disgrunted former Yale architecture student is permitted to sue David Childs for plagiarizing his work in a 2003 design for the Freedom Tower, which currently looks like this:

You know, I sympathize with Thomas Shine, the aging architecture grad, because I, too, have been the victim of superior design concept theivery by a famous architect. I was a lowly firm associate working my tail off designing handicap accessible rampways for public buildings when, lo and behold, my very own design magically materialized as the Flaming Pile of Poo Center in Linkletter, Arkansas. At first, I wanted to sue the bastard architect who had ganked my magisterial elevations, but then an ancient blind woman gave me some wise advice: "Don't associate yourself with hideous, graceless monstrosities that embody distasteful personal characteristics like pointless oneupsmanship, hubris, and embarrassing lack of forethought." That was some pretty good advice.

Photo courtesy Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, LLP


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