Monday, August 22, 2005


The Iraqi Constitution is, well, it's not finished, exactly, or even remotely, but, hey who cares, really. What matters is that the parliament has decided not to dissolve itself before clearing everything up. See, it's just like the American Revolution! The New York Times says that
The potentially intractable problem in the process was the disaffection of Sunni leaders, who had been largely excluded from the deliberations during the past week. The constitution has been written almost entirely by Shiite and Kurdish leaders, who said they had decided to leave the Sunnis out because they were being too inflexible.
Later in the article, they write,
On Sunday negotiators said they had agreed on a formula to share Iraq's oil wealth, which had been one of the most difficult issues. The agreement was being shepherded with the help of American officials, and especially Mr. Khalilzad. After more than 12 hours of talks on Sunday, an American official said a deal was almost in hand.
So I don't know about you, but I think things are looking pret-ty good. Keep Sunnis out of the picture, let the Americans decide how to divide up the oil, and what do you get?

Oops, sorry, don't know how that got in there! Here, that's more like it!

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