Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Save yourselves!

You know those pictures of the evolutionary process where a fish walks out of the water on its fins and eventually becomes a human? Well, say hello to Grandpa Joe!

Aaah! It's got my leg!!

That's right, this sucker may not walk, exactly, but it can "wriggle" on land with the help of its fins. And, um, it can breathe. And survive out of water for five days. And it's living in Queens. This little bugger looks pretty small, but they grow to about forty inches. That's like a golden retriever, but a vicious predator.

I don't mean to alarm anyone, but THIS FISH WANTS TO KILL YOU. Its relative, the giant snakehead fish, has killed people to protect its young. So if you have the feeling you're being watched, or sense someone following you, or hear strange thumping, flopping sounds on your stairs late at night, ask yourself: am I safe from the snakehead fish?

Photo by U.S. Geological Survey


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