Monday, September 05, 2005

I See Your Disaster Response and Raise You 36 Hours

You know, our able-bodied President received a lot of flack for not responding quickly enough to the disastrous consequences of Hurricane Katrina. But that is clearly an unfair attack by the left wing commie media - because look how quickly he responded to the death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist on Saturday. Sure, it took him four days to get down to Louisiana, but he made up for lost time when he nominated John G. Roberts for chief justice not even 36 hours after Rehnquist's passing. You say he doesn't have his priorities straight? That he doesn't know how to reach out to the nation in a time of crisis? What's with all the negativity, man? He responded with unprecedented alacrity to one of the greatest crises to ever hit this country, by which I am obviously referring to the one-day vacancy, occurring on a weekend while the Court is in recess, of the chief justice's chair on the Supreme Court. Maybe the Bush Administration killed Rehnquist to shift the news coverage away from Katrina (I'm kidding! Rummy, watch your back...)

Elegant continuing coverage of the hurricane on Craigblog and Mr. Sun!

Also, I want to say a kind word about Sen. Mary Landreiu, because while she is the worthy target of Anderson Cooper's frustration on CNN, she's been speaking out and fighting hard for the people she represents. It looks to me like on that interview she was trying a "nice guy" tactic to get some names on the record of people who promised to help, because she felt like being a bulldog wasn't working. Apparently being nice didn't work either, because she's back on the horn (via Craigblog).


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