Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Phony Sony

That Sony, they just keep getting in trouble, don't they? Over the last few weeks they have been monetarily reprimanded for paying dj's to play their songs and making up fake movie critics to compliment their crap-ass films. The total bill for such shenanigans? A piddling $11.5m. Judging from the startling brilliance of Sony's latest offering, I'm guessing they took it all out of the creative budget for their upcoming film Stealth - this gripping movie is about a devious plane with a mind of its own!

So we know Sony lies; we know they cheat; do they also steal? Hmmm... Fathers, hide your daughters, Sony's coming to town! Just don't try to get them to answer to the law in front of Judge Hatchett - Sony owns her too.


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