Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Confidential

Hello, Preciouses (Precii?),
It's time - time for my not-so-secret confession that I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS. As previously metioned, I now know that I don't like roasted chestnuts, but I do like the Nutcracker (which we used to see every year when I was a little girl). I don't like the techno version of O Come All Ye Faithful that I heard while shopping today, but I do like almost all Christmas music, from old school religious hymns like O Come O Come Emanuel to that Mariah Carey nonsense. My award for all time favorite Christmas song is probably O Holy Night, and the undisputed Christmas music album champion is John Denver and the Muppets, A Christmas Together. If you've never heard this miracle of musical apotheosis, I highly recommend picking it up. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll listen again and again. I don't like scenes of holiday shopping chaos, for obvious reasons, but I do like... wait for it... wait for it... Christmas shopping. I have worked in retail for many a holiday season, and I really enjoy thinking of gifts that my loved ones will enjoy and helping other people find such things too. We're not so big on gifts in our family; we don't do Mother's Day or Father's Day or even really birthdays, anymore, so Christmas is special. I also happen to be fond of gingerbread cookies (gingerbread girls, to be exact), and people wishing each other happy holidays or Merry Christmas or whatever they so choose to wish each other. So happy hols, everyone, and I hope you can spend it with those you love. See you tomorrow.


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