Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Exponential Bat Explosion

This has to be the most exciting thing I have posted in, oh, 24 hours:

Big brain means small testes, finds bat study

The long and short of it is, the bigger the brain, the smaller the testicles, and vice versa. The more promiscuous the female, the bigger the nuts. And thence, the smaller the brain. So the moral of the story is, women have the biggest brains, because we have no testicles, and if we want to achieve world domination, we need to sleep around. Or at least bats do. But if we want to prevent female bats from taking over the planet, we need to be even more promiscuous than they are. At a minimum, there are 334 species of bat. I don't know how many bats there are, total, but I'm thinking, given that information, there are at least ten bajillion bats in the world! And that means that unless we start making babies pronto, we're in serious trouble. However, I'm going to have to claim an exemption. Because if I am too busy poppin' em out to blog, I can't provide the critical updates you need on the bats' plan to take over the world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But how does this explain my high IQ and enormous elephant balls? I'm talkin' HUGE.

9:47 AM  

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