Monday, July 25, 2005

Where did I leave my robe?

Apparently Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts "has no memory" of belonging to the conservative Federalist Society, but fortunately, his spotty recall is buttressed in this case by a directory with his name in it. Roberts's name could be listed in a membership directory of the KKK and he'd still get confirmed at this point, but really, I'm concerned for the guy. We all forget things: birthdays, where we parked the car, whether we paid the electricity bill. But at the oft-mentioned young age of 50, should he be forgetting things like his affiliation with an influential legal organization? We're looking at thirty years on the bench, here, so if that's the kind of thing he can't remember now, what's he going to be forgetting in 2035? His blood pressue medication? How to put his pants on? When abortion was legal?


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