Thursday, July 21, 2005

All the Ladies

Now that I have a blog, does that mean I can be a Media Critic? Because I would like that. One of the best things about the "blogosphere," as the Media Critics call it, besides the fact that it's a forum for everyone too lazy to be a journalist, is that it's a place for women to be funny. In entertainment, funny women are considered a novelty, and smart-funny women (like Tina Fey), as opposed to dumb-funny, bitter-funny, or making-fun-of-men-funny women are even rarer. In literature, women are not supposed to be funny. They are either on a quest for love or self-awareness or they're doing the new chick lit thing, which I believe involves martinis, designer clothing, and jobs in publishing (the last two, of course, being mutually exclusive in the real world).

But in the blogging world, smart-funny women are par for the course. I'll give you an example: I will now tell a joke.

Nevermind, it's too long and it's the only joke I know. But the punchline is, "It's the peanuts. They're complimentary," which totally proves my point, right? Right?

The one danger with the funny women of the blogs, I think, is that there's a uniformity almost as rigid as among the chicklits in the voice female bloggers assume: perhaps she's the new liberated woman. I'll call her the Precocious Drunken Slut. And hey, I'm as much of a PDS as the next gal, I just think we should keep our options open while we have this amazing chance to define what we're all about. Cheers.

PS - omg, my blog spell check does not recognize the word "blog"! How meta!


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