Friday, July 22, 2005

Second time's the charm?

Okay, so my blog is, for now, imageless. But a word is worth a thousand pictures. Maybe eventually I'll figure it out. So now I'm going to try something new: embedding a link. A while back Black Table had a piece on what the various contributors hate about summer. Well, here's what I hate about summer, fall, and every season: those motherfucking yellow wristbands. I know, I know, Lance Armstrong is brave and amazing, and he started a foundation, and all of those things deserve our admiration. But he also wrote a book about how his wife stood by him throughout his terrible illness, then dumped her for Sheryl Crow. And anyway, the point is that no matter how proud you are of Lance Armstrong or yourself for giving Nike a dollar, that yellow rubber band doesn't look good with your business suit. Or your evening dress. Or basically anything except sweatpants or an outfit made of dollar bills that you will peel off one by one and give to Lance. Yes, I know, how many opportunities do you have to both make a fashion statement and demonstrate your marginal charitability, all without saying a word? And I saw you living strong as you ran for that train this morning because you were hungover and late for work. But really, we all know you're a moderately good person inspired by moving slogans - you can skip the wristband.


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