Thursday, July 21, 2005

Check Your Head

It was announced today that New York City police would begin random bag checks on subways, buses, and commuter trains. I'm all for it, I guess; I mean, how am I going to complain about my civil liberties being violated if I get spattered? But I'm definitely NOT for them arresting everyone they find carrying illegal substances. If they cuff every New Yorker with a few joints in her purse, there won't be any room in the jails when they catch those bomb-toting terrorists. And the cops would constantly be abandoning their posts to bring in another minor offender. The streets would be completely devoid of law enforcement. Anarchy would ensue. Looting, riots, mayhem. We'd all be too out of our heads to notice the guy with the wires sticking out of his sweater. The end! On second thought, maybe that checking bags thing wasn't such a great idea.


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